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Sunshine Acres Ranch has been a family operated horse ranch for 30 plus years.  We are dedicated to breeding high quality horses with a focus raising, training, riding lessons and now also horse camps,birthday parties and weddings.  We use intensive grazing and biological weed control through rotation of sheep, goats and chickens; so herding animals is part of our daily chores.  Most of our work is done outside or in barnsand varies daily, the constant is feeding and watering animals and checking fences and repair as needed.

We are  located in the Ozark foothills in Romance, Arkansas- about 45 mins. N. of Little Rock .  With 127 Acres of pastures, 6 ponds, and 3 creeks we provide our animals with natural free range and we use  rotation of animals and pastures.  We want to share our knowledge of animal husbandry , horse training as well as goat milking and sometimes yogurt and cheese making.   We provide a welcoming environment and expect you to be openminded,dependable, handy and on time.



Positive attitude, interest in physical and mental labor, enjoyment of the outdoors, willingness to learn and participate in all aspects of ranch life and food prep and cleanup. You must be in good physical condition (you should be able to lift min. 40lb) - we walk several miles daily.  No experience needed just willing to learn. We are open year round.  We also have foreign exchange students, as I am a coordinator for high school students with International Student Exchange, we have a monthly party and you will be able to learn about their cultures.



Fulltime for three months perferred to be intern/apprentice; however we have had wwoofers short term also that have been amazing, so if you are a quick learner and eager and especially if you have some experience this is also acceptable.

Duties include:

Feeding and watering daily, bottlefeeding if needed, collecting eggs, milking goats - if able, learning and  working with horses and possibly riding, help with lessons and camp, and trailrides- you can learn alot; repair, move or build fences, garden work in spring and fall, winter haying and fodder production- see green stuff article, checking livestock and fences, help with trimming sheep and goat feet, help with cooking meals and clean up.

Rules :

We want this to be a positive experience for you and us.  A few things to help insure this works well.  No drugs ,legal or illegal.  Alcohol and marijuana are drugs.  You may not use drugs while participating on this ranch.  If you use anything that impairs your ability to drive,think or react;  please do not plan to come to our ranch.  No Smoking-my granddaughter and I are highly allergic to this.

Farm vehicles are standard transmission -tractors, 4 wheelers, trucks ; so practice if possible.  


Keep your rooms or camper clean  weekly clean bathrooms and take trash out, cleanup after yourself

Keep all gates and doors shut,  sweep ,shovel as needed.

We want you to be comfortable so share your ideas and ask for supplies and moneyfor repairs or improvements.

When you leave- Please strive to leave the place better than you found it.  Wash your sheets or atleast strip them and  put in washroom.  Vacuum and sweep your room or camper.  Cleanup any projects or things you messed up. Leave your room or camper free of garbage, wipe out microwave and refrigerator.  Return any books,dvds,tools medicines please put back where you got them. Thanks.

I like to cook and will provide three meals a day -if you have special foods you want bring them. We have 2 bedrooms with bunkbeds ,plus a sunroom and two campers{ one sleeps 6 and one 10) and solar chapel with loft on hill.  Also hookups available for your RV/campers.


Packing list:

  • good walking shoes, working boots such as hiking,or muck,cowboy, or rubber

  • teeshirts and long sleeve shirts

  • jeans and shorts

  • hat

  • jacket

  • sweater

  • workinggloves

  • personal care products


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