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At Sunshine Acres Ranch we want to give you and your family that outdoor adventure of trail riding through the beautiful scenery of Romance Arkansas. 

I’ve been immersed in horses my entire life, and have been training and competing since 1970 and breeding since 1979. In 1986, I opened our ranch as an American Quarter Horse Association Breeding Facility, and since then it’s become so much more.


Our beautiful space is located on 127 acres of rolling hill pastures, complete with six ponds stocked with native fish and three creeks perfect for horse training. We’re deeply committed to natural methods, using rotational grazing, species rotation, and sheep and goats for weed control as opposed to harmful chemicals.


We specialize in helping people create lifelong bonds and deep trust with their horses. Our Extreme Training trails are specially designed as the ultimate training experience (noted by many to be the most challenging they’ve ever been on!) Our expertise also includes T-Touch, Equine Sports Massage, mental and physical rehab, and natural desensitization through our other free range animals on the ranch.


I love people almost as much as I love horses, and our ranch nearly always has a variety of visitors. Our spaces are frequently leased by trainers for clinics, and I’ve presided as a licensed Full Gospel minister over several beautiful weddings in our on-site chapel. On any given weekend, we host families and groups of friends just looking to reconnect to nature (come with or without a horse!)


Whether you’re an experienced rider looking to hone your skills or looking to make horses a new part of your life, I can’t wait to meet you and show you around my ranch. Give me a call anytime!





We’re industry leading experts in using natural training methods to build a trusting, loving relationship with your horse. By using our holistic techniques, your horse will choose you as the Alpha that will protect and provide for them.


The Sunshine Acres Ranch Extreme Obstacle Course is designed to stretch the imagination of even the best trained horse and make it rely on trusting it’s rider.


Come ride with us on one of our gorgeous guided trailrides through wooded mountains, creek crossings, and sweeping landscape views. 

Mother and Foal_edited.jpg

We have bred more than 300 colts with AQHA, APHA, APHC, Palomino,

Buckskin and Gypsy Vanner registries since 1979


Your Kids love horses? We too! Come and enjoy incredible horse experience for a whole Week long! Riding, painting, learning and much more ...! 


We offer an array of boarding options from natural horse community pasture boarding or paddock boarding and even specialized care boarding for rehab. or training needs.


Come visit us the third Saturday of every month 5-8pm all free let the kids and adults have some ranch experience.


Our ranch is available to have your perfect birthday party,camping,wedding,extreme trail challenge competition,trailride/retreat just call or email for details.


You can buy a Horse.

Or get a loyal friend for your life!



Sunshine Acres Ranch

804 Wayne Walker Rd

Romance, AR 72136


Primary Phone: (501)230-1875

Secondary Phone: (501)288-0470


Driving Time from:

Little Rock 45min

Conway 35min

Searcy 40min

Heber Springs 35min

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