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Whether you’re interested in natural horse community pasture boarding, paddock boarding, or even specialized rehab care, our boarding options are built to please.

Pasture Boarding

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more picturesque pasture boarding location for your horse — between our seven fields (7-20 acres each), grassy hills, and shady stands of trees we have the ideal natural free range horse community.

start at $250/month

Paddock Boarding

If paddock boarding makes more sense for your horse, we have 10 individual paddocks on approximately five acres, each with their own comfortable shelters, hills, and shade trees.

start at $350/month



Some horses need special attention during boarding, especially if they’re undergoing rehab. We work with two certified veterinarians and a farrier to help conduct our rehab therapy on-site. If your horse has torn extender ligaments, tendons or stifle problems we can provide water therapy, heat, ice, oils, massage, infrared lights, epsom salt soaks, wraps, sweats, and more. Our farrier visits the ranch weekly and our vets come monthly, but both can be here in twenty minutes if needed!

start at $1000/month



If your horse needs dedicated help with overcoming behavioral issues, training boarding might be the right option. We will work extensively with your horse during a one to three-month period and help them get past the underlying issues holding them back.

start at $600/month


All of our boarded horses have full access to our training arena, trails and our 64-foot Roundpen. Every horse is given daily access to free choice minerals and water. If weight evaluation or control is needed, we can provide those services as well.

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