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At Sunshine Acres, we’ve built a name for ourselves centered on alternative training methods in a natural, free range environment. We provide each horse with individual attention, studying each in-depth to determine the best combination of techniques to overcome the stress and resistance built up by previous fear, pain, or misunderstanding.


Our qualified trainer, Sandy, has been training horses since 1970 and studied under experts like Arthur Louie Devereux and Joe Webb. Her practice incorporates methods from legends like Buck Brennaman and Linda Tellington Jones (T-Touch), and she has additionally adapted techniques from Ed Connell’s Hackamore Reinsman, Clinton Anderson , Craig Cameron, John Lyons and Pat Parelli clinics, Lew Sterret’s clinic, the Novel clinic, Robert M. Miller DVM, Stacy Westfall, and Monty Roberts.


Some of the training we do here is combination riding lessons and retraining their horse, groundwork and teaching owner the same as the colt, helping the owner overcome fear both on the ground and in the saddle, colt starting, therapy riding to recondition horse or rider or both after injury or surgery,trailer loading, buddy sour issues, lessons with trailriding and the extreme trail obstacles, also starting beginners in English and dressage , hunter/jumper , endurance, barrels, poles, flags, keyhole, stantions and weave pattern. 

By using natural therapy techniques in a natural setting, we’re able to increase the horses’ willingness and ability to learn and help them perform at their highest potential. Some of our specific practices include:

  • Muscle soreness identification and drug-free healing 

  • Touch therapy

  • Oil therapy

  • Equine sports massage

  • Cranial sacral therapy

  • Infrared lights

  • General rehab

  • Desensitization


Our philosophy is built around overcoming resistance without force and putting a focus on rider and horse safety. Training horses is a never-ending learning process, and we find we learn as much from our horses as they learn from us. We’re striving every day to create an environment where people and animals can exist happily together. Come learn with us!

We always want to offer our facilities to trainers around the world, and have horses available to also be used, we want to enlarge our borders and knowledge .  Pia Rueff third in European Dressage was here and used our mare Kiki,  Lew Sterrett used Deja Vue for his clinic, Noval user and trainer,  was here and used Dakota and Chance for his demonstration, Connie Butterbaugh with N.E.Indiana Sports Massage Therapy, and Janice Conyers colt starter and trainer.

To learn more about our training methods or book an appointment, call us at +1 (501) 230 1875 or email

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