The Sunshine Acres Ranch “Extreme Obstacle Course” is specially designed to stretch the comfort zone of even the best-trained horse and push it to place its trust entirely in the rider.


Our course has three different difficulty levels and over 50 differed obstacles, with more being constructed all the time. Set on a designated seven acres of winding wooded trails and pasture, horse and rider will make their way through world-class obstacles, both natural and manmade. 


We host clinics to train on these trails, and our courses can also be leased for private challenges or showcase videos. We’re honored to host the St. Jude Extreme Challenge put on by the White County Mounted Patrol and Romance Roundpen Ministry on our grounds, and hope to host additional challenge events in the future!


To come and try our Extreme Trail Challenge, call us at +1 (501) 230 - 1875. If you are interested in being a sponsor of one of our challenge events, please email sandy@sunshineacresranch.com


per horse / rider



Monday - Friday 8AM-4PM


$ 60 for the first 2 hours and $ 20 for every additional hour


Day Ticket $ 120


Saturday - Sunday 8AM-4PM

$ 80 for the first 2 hours and $ 30 for every additional hour


Day Ticket $ 170


Weekend Ticket $ 300


25% Kids under 14th

10% Military

You want to rent our obstacle course exclusive for a horse selling video or a event ?

Get in touch with us !

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